Friday, September 4, 2009

All of our wonderful apple and leaf books

See my fancy new widget? We'll see how long before I break it..... I decided to go ahead and combine my book posts for the next two weeks, because I didn't quite have enough for either one to have a full carousel, but this way I do.

Leaf Men- the real hit of the week. I read this at least 5 times, probably more. This insipred this activity.

Apples- this has lots of great facts and the kids had lots of fun following along, but they never really wanted to read it again.

From Seed to Plant- this did a great job of showing how the plants grow, and has inspired the usual grow a seed in a plastic bag experiment that we will be starting later today.

Little Apple Goat- a very cute story about a goat who loves apples and fruit, and spits the seeds over the fence. Can you guess what happens to the seeds? My guys liked it okay, but never really latched onto it.

Leaf- honestly, I thought this one was a little weird. It's a wordless book, which I never really like all that much, and then I spent the entire book thinking the main character was a girl, only to figure out at the end that it's a guy. So we never read that one again.

From Apples to Applesauce- great job of following an apple from start to finish. It was really interesting to see the machine that takes the peel off (kind of gross though).

Plants!- another great information book about plants. Love the pictures!

The Magic Leaf- you notice it's not on the carousel, because apparently amazon doesn't carry it or something. However, it's a cute little Asian fairy tale about a foolish man who thinks a leaf will turn him invisible and the problems he has when it doesn't.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World- I used this back when I was teaching as part of our unit on nutrition. We also used it as a geography lesson. Which is what my kids are going to do this afternoon. We're going to follow her around the world on our map and make a pie. This is the cutest book!

Apple Farmer Annie- right after we read this book, the kids insisted we had to make apple cake and applesauce, because she did in the book. Then we had to go to the store to buy a LOT of apples. We have done lots of great activities off this book.

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