Friday, March 26, 2010

Preschool Week in Review

I’m so glad Jolanthe decided to include 5k as well, because I have to admit a lot of what we’ve been doing is 5k stuff, or at least according to Texas law………
Slowly, but surely we’ve been working on our reading.  We’ve got a couple of books that the boys can read pretty fluently now.  We’re slowly but surely working through the decodable books on Reading A to Z.  I’ve been loving it and had got the subscription last year, and totally recommend it.  If you’re thinking about it, I think they have a free two week trial subscription you can do.  Sadly, I haven’t been paid for this, I paid the full subscription price.  But, it’s been so worth it.
Oh, and we went to the library a lot recently.  I think in the last few weeks we’ve checked out over 100 books.

So, we started on 2 digit numbers in our Primer Math-U-See, and in the lessons he talks all about Decimal Street.  It was a great visual, that he hand drew out on the dry erase board.  I tried having them make their numbers for a while without this, but they’d get their tens and units all mixed up and would get confused and frustrated.  So, I made this:
Decimal Street
It would be so much better on a legal size paper, but as I went to print it I figured out that I’d donated all of our legal paper to the church because we weren’t using it, and why keep it around……….  Why is it you never need something until you give it away?
Oh, for a more thorough discussion of Math-U-See click on the link.
Social Studies
We’ve been slowly, but surely working our way through the states, very slowly.  I think in a month and a half we’ve covered two states, a continent, and our part of the way through our second continent.  My summary post about Texas is right here, it explains in more detail the different projects we did.  I’d share about the others, but truthfully, they’re not done yet.  At all, I’ve been busy making a new costume for a Ren Fest here.  Actually, it’s been more like two costumes, because the first one that was almost done I decided I didn’t like.  It’ll make a great summer dress……  I hope.
018 020
031We’ve done a little bit of everything in science lately, and I haven’t always posted about it.   The kids made leprechaun traps.  It was really hilarious to hear their reasoning on why the trap would work.  Of course, traps plural isn’t correct, they actually only made one trap, mostly with Batman telling everyone what to do.
We tried to make ice cream, but it didn’t end well, not at all…….  I plan on trying again soon.
Oh, and  I should link to these.  As part of our continent studies, okay the main thing in our continent studies, we’ve been studying the animals that live there.  To give them a way to organize that information I created some printables to go with it.  If you want to see them go here and here.
We’ve been slowly working our way through the book of Daniel in our Bible study, and I’ve actually got all of the illustrations done for it except Daniel 1.  So expect to see the rest of Daniel posted next week.  I just have to scan in the last picture for Daniel 5 and then all of 6.  So, if you want to see the first one I posted go here.

Life Skills
This is where it’s really all been going on this past month, there’s been so much to deal with.  First there was the boy’s birthday and all of the preparation for that
And then we had friend’s stay the night, I should say the kids had friend’s stay the night.
064 063 065
We had our tree trimmed.  Random facts about live oak, what can appear to be about 10 different trees is in reality one big super tree because the roots are all grown together and part of the way it reproduces is by sending shoots/roots up out of the ground.  The kids really enjoyed watching the tree trimmer and looking at all of the stuff.  It’s really quite fascinating.
006They got an easel, which has led to…… problems……. and other problems (at the bottom of the post)
Well, that’s been our last several weeks.  Head on over to Homeschool Creations for more.
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