Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maryland: Billie Holiday

I found a few famous people who were from Maryland, and being a Jazz fan I decided to spotlight Billie Holiday.  I wanted to do something for Jim Henson as well, but I’m still brainstorming that one.



Tiny’s Hat is a super cute story about Billie Holiday as a girl and how much she loves her Daddy, but he goes away.  It’s rather sad and bitter sweet, but ends on a happy note.


I loved the chalk illustrations on this book and thought it’d be fun to let the kids try drawing with chalk.


003SUPPLIES: chalk (I found a box at Michael’s for a dollar), black construction paper


The kids happily experimented with drawing in chalk, for a while, and I left them with the paper and chalk and took turns having the kids read to me.


I returned to discover they’d left my planned project and started their own



I don’t have a picture of Princess’ bat, using black construction paper, a plastic lid, and 10 pounds of blue tape, but it was impressive.


And now I’m going to actually remember to hit publish!

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