Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Felicity tea party

Grandmother's tea set

My last post over at the Homeschool Village I wrote about letting precious things go.  My big thing is my Great grandma’s tea set. 

releasing my precious tea set

It’s old cracked and missing several handles, but Princess has been dreaming of using it for years.  YEARS I tell you.  I mistakenly told her she could use it at 5, and she remembered.  OH DID SHE REMEMBER.  I’ve been asked almost every week since she turned 5 when she could use it.  Of course she always asked when it was a horrible time, at least in my mind.  During the Week of Girls, I finally stopped saying no.

Felicity tea party

So we ate lunch on them.  A healthy lunch of crackers, sausage, and cheese.  It’s a favorite here.  To make it “healthy” we add apples.  You know, a fruit.


How is this Felicity from American Girl Dolls?  We practiced our manners and called each other characters from the book.  I was Miss Manderlay.  Princess was Felicity.  Her friend was Elizabeth.


pipecleaner bead jewelry

We also wore BEAUTIFUL one of a kind hand beaded jewelry.  I think I have a few beads left.  Seriously, they went through 3 tubs of them.


tea party for kiddoshand washing dishes for kids

After, they “carefully” (and I nearly had a heart attack) cleaned the dishes, one at a time.


And then more jewelry was made.  Yes, Princess does live in this dress if I let her.  She does grudgingly remove it from time to time.  Like right now when I need to repair 2 seams.

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