Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Amoeba Math

Amoeba Math

Amoeba Math is one of those unexpected finds.  I was given this at the homeschool convention I went to after talking with the owner for almost an hour.  I bought their board game, Math Gym, but didn’t have the budget to buy Amoeba Math as well.  However he was nice enough to give me a review copy and one to give to ya’ll.  So, score for all of us!


I thought about waiting until Friday to post this, and continuing it as part of my Friday Games series, but didn’t want to.  First because I’ve been wanting to get this done forever, but hadn’t because I need pictures.  And second because it’s a computer game.  I’m focusing more on board games there.

Amoeba Math

Amoeba Math is a fun math review game.  The graphics are somewhat simplistic, but my kids thought they were hilarious.  Especially when their guy got hit by running into a wall, “he made funny sounds Mommy.”   (I need to clean my computer screen, it’s got so many fingerprints)


There are several different options to make it work best for you.


math review gameGame Difficulty- you can choose from Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Master.  Basic only uses single digits and gives the most time.  As you advance in difficulty it becomes and adds in negative numbers!


You can also choose what types of problems you want to do.  So far my kids have only done addition, but I’m planning on adding in subtraction soon.



What I like:

1.  I can choose types of problems and level of difficulty.

2.  It’s very user friendly and the company has easy to understand and use help center (I had problems installing and with their help figured it out).

3.  I can leave one of the boys playing it while I go work with another child, and not worry about their accidentally getting into something else.


What I dislike:040

1.  Nothing really, it’s a fun game and easy to use.

2.  Not a problem for me, but it IS NOT MAC COMPATIBLE.  This could be a problem for some.  They are working on making it usable for Macs.





My boys are asking to use this for their math instead of their math curriculum, which they like a lot.  Princess is not a game fan like they are.  I’m thinking of making this at least a weekly game, if not more often during summertime.



Amoeba Math is $29.95.  The big bonus: you can try it before you buy, there is a two week free trial.




Super simple, leave a comment with a favorite way to practice math.  Make sure there is an email address included.


RULES: Open to US and International.  I’ll pick a winner on July 7 and email them.  If I don’t hear back I’ll pick a new winner.  Make sure I can email you.


DISCLOSURE:  I was given a copy of the game to review.  I almost bought it, but it wasn’t in the budget…….I bought the board game instead.

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