Monday, April 27, 2009

Tot School: the Farm

Truthfully speaking Tot School and Preschool were pretty much the same this week, so I'm going to post about half of the activities here and the other half on my preschool post tomorrow. I usually try to differentiate the activities slightly, have Princess' materials mostly cut out, or have simpler activities, but it didn't happen this time. We're moving rooms around and so all my stuff is everywhere. So, here's what we did.

We sorted seeds from the activity here. I bought sunfl0wer, corn, pea, and pumpkin seeds and several little pots and let them take turns putting the seeds into the different pots.

We also played a fine motor skills game: Feed the pig. I posted here, how to make it.

They also loved making their barn for the beginning steps of their pseudo-lapbook.

First we colored.

Then I drew a line for them to cut around the barn. Princess would make a small cut, and then tear. After she did this I taped the barn back together. After they'd cut it out, I cut the barn doors and opened them up.

Next we glued them down on the outside areas so the doors could open. Apparently there are no pictures of this.

More to come tomorrow.

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