Friday, April 24, 2009

Tutorial: Feed the pig Game

Lakeshore Learning has these really fun games. Every time we go into the store my kids have to go play with the sample versions, which is an excellent selling point. I was really struggling with paying $20 for a game I didn't think they'd play with much, so I came up with my own idea.

I was partially inspired by this Totally Tots post to make a pig version, but not for scooping things in the water, but to feed.


What you'll need: a milk jug, construction paper, fun foam, paint.

Added bonuses: pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes

1. Clean out your milk carton, it's no fun if your game starts to smell.

2. Paint your milk carton the color of your intended animal, since mine was a pig, the whole thing is pink.

3. Next cut out a mouth. I figured out for this, it works better to cut it out so it can lay on its side. I used a combination of kitchen shears and steak knife to do this.

4. Make some eyes, I made them out of scrap paper, but you could also use googly eyes or fun foam. This was what I had on hand in our recycle bin. Glue them on.

5. At this point realize you don't have anything pink, and run upstairs for the closest color, light tan fun foam. Cut triangular shapes for ears and an oval shape for nose. Color the inside of the ears pink, and two big black circles on the nose. Cut holes in the top of the carton and stuff the ears in. My holes were slightly smaller than the ears, that's partially because I made huge ears relative to the size of my pig. But, it made the ears look cuter, and I think they stay on better.

6. Now gather pom poms, seeds, beans, or whatever other small object you want your child to master moving. Provide them with tongs, spoons, or other transferring objects and let them have at it.

Now, while I was making this fabulous game, my boys were busy making their own amazing sculptures.
Oh, and torturing their toys.

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