Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun Quick Math Game


Materials Needed: stickers, dice, grid sheet of some sort: Go here for graph paper.  I used a blank table I made in word.

How to play:


Each person rolls the dice and adds that number of stickers to their page.  The first person to fill up their sheet wins.  It's that easy.


Adapting for different ages:  First off if you don't know it, dice comes in different sizes than just six-sided.  Common types of dice you can get: 4-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided, 20-sided.  There is also a 100 sided dice, but truthfully it's a little hard to read.  If you want to work in numbers up to 100 I'd get to 10-sided dice and designate one to be 10s and the other 1s.  There are also 10-sided dice sold that are printed with 10s already on it.  You can also buy large dice.  I have a couple of large 10 sided dice and some large 6 sided dice.

Now, what does that mean for adapting it?  Well, my kids are still working on counting, so as they got more comfortable I would move them up from a 6 sided dice to one that goes higher.  If your child is working on additon have them roll two dice or several.  Next time I'm probably going to dig up the big 10 sided and use that one because the boys are ready for that.

Another thing you can get is a 6-sided dice that has different numbers printed on it.  From my teaching days I have a six sided dice that has 7-12 on it, and I think I also bought one that has the math functions on it (+, -, x, hmmm my keyboard doesn't have a division sign on it).

For those wondering where you would get the dice: Barnes and Noble has a game called something like 100 dice, obviously that would have it.  Another great place is either your local teacher supply store or local game store.  Both of those would probably have it (I can almost guarantee the game store would), but I'll warn you both of those places are very easy to break your budget.
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