Friday, April 30, 2010

Preschool Corner, or I know we learned stuff, but what?

048 So, I’ve come to the conclusion, at least right now Superman is the more natural reader.  He seems to pick up the new books very quickly, but Batman just acts like I’m torturing him when I make him read.  Princess continues to have fun helping me find letters.  I’m just not up to teaching 3 of them to read at once.  I know, I’m such a wimp.

We’ve continued to have most of our readings related to what we’re studying, and so we read a few books about Washington, I kind of had to stretch to say this is related, but I’m going to pretend it is because dragonflies are the state insect.

We also wrote books to read to ourselves, that’s the picture above.  If you want to read more about that go to our bookmaking adventures.

005 Hmmm, I know we did stuff, but what?  Oh, that’s right.  We’ve started to add.  And I had fun sneaking in a math lesson.

We’ve continued our studies of what was going to be Asia, but has turned into China…….  My library just had way too many cool books on China, and that’s when I discovered there is a limit to how many books I could check out.

In the United States we’ve been learning about Washington, which inspired our Science for the week.

018 We made a volcano and experimented with making lava rocks out of rice krispie treats.  The difficulty in showing pictures from this, Princess decided she didn’t want to wear clothes, so about half the pictures are of her in just underwear……..  That girl.

007  I was doing a presentation for our local MOPS group, so we did a bunch of crafts so I could have samples.  We made wooden spoon puppets, clothespin dolls, dragonflies, and an egg carton creation I haven’t written about yet.  It turned out good I brought all of the visuals, because we didn’t get the spot we were supposed to, and so I didn’t get to show my wonderful powerpoint presentation.  Really, you would have sat back and said “That was wonderful.”  I used this as an excuse to spend way too much time reorganizing on here of labels and such.  I’m only halfway through and I still have a bunch to go.  It’s slowly coming together, “Slowly, slowly, slowly, said the sloth.”
And, yes that is my daughter using my nice big sewing scissors, she is cutting fabric with them, so it’s okay.


Hah, apparently I liked this enough I was going to put this in here twice, because I just came over to put this in again.  But really, it’s so VERY true.

We went for a walk, which started off with the boys riding their bikes and me pulling the wagon full of paper to recycle, and ended with the boys taking turns pulling the wagon full of their bikes, sword, shield, helmet, ummmm I don’t remember what else.


We went to the park and the kids had fun for a little bit, but then I discovered the problem with going to the park with a potty training little girl, she can’t just go behind a bush and go potty, so we had to hike back to our house, and meanwhile the boys are complaining about leaving the park.  So, note to self make sure to bring pool card so I can get to the bathrooms next time.

So, I think that was our week, more or less.  It feels like I’m missing something, but this is what I see in the pictures, so that must be all we did.  Or all I documented in pictures.
Now, head on over to Homeschool Creations to see what other are doing to learn this week.
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