Saturday, April 17, 2010

What did we read this week? Oh, that’s right


I learned something this week.  I can only check out 45 books from the library at a time, they gave me special dispensation to have out 56 just this once, because they might be behind on checking in books.  But, this was said very grudgingly, so all of the books I’m talking about were taken back to the library as soon as they were read, so the librarian wouldn’t glare at me again. 


So, our books went all over, China, North Carolina, and I think Montana.


You know, now that I look at it, I don’t think we actually read that Tiger book, I think it’s another.  Oh well, the tiger book was good, so I’ll have to search it out.


Wee and the Wright Brothers- this was a clever take on the Wright brothers building their plane.  We really enjoyed reading about it, and I didn’t know that they were travelling between their home in Ohio (I think, already returned the book, so I can’t double check) and North Carolina.


Blackbeard’s Last Fight- I would not really recommend this for preschoolers.  The syntax and amount of words are a little long for their interest level, and at the end Blackbeard is beheaded and his body thrown in the water.  My kids then obsessed about his body being eaten by sharks.  Lesson learned, stick to more cartoony pirate books.


The Adventures of Miss Pace- very cute book about a teacher who goes to a dude ranch for the summer to find two of her students have followed her.  It felt to me like this was set more up North, but I have no solid reasoning for it.  The kids really thought this was funny, and the twin boys who kept showing up kept cracking them up.


Animagical Colors- Cute riddle book with colors, and the riddles were not patently obvious, so that was enjoyable.  So many of these books you look at it and know before you read the words what it is.  I think a few of them were a bit of a stretch, but it was fun to read.


The Story of Chopsticks and The Story of Noodles-  These are two books in a series of books about how different things in China were invented, and we really enjoyed the interactions of the three boys.  And, later this week you’ll get to see a funny post about our art project or food project……


Tiger- that’s the link to the actual Tiger book we read (though I think we have checked the other one out, I checked out about 5 of them).  Honestly I don’t know how much they liked this and how much was their just wanting me to keep reading so they could keep drawing and putting stickers everywhere.  I thought it was a bit simple, but they would have loved it a year ago, and it would have been perfect then, hence why I checked it out.   I know we’d read others from this series before and loved them.


Now for more of these great book recommendations, and maybe ones written a little less tongue in cheek, go over to Natalie’s blog over at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.   Which, I’ll probably actually link up to tonight, I’m off to a MOPS conference tomorrow, I get to learn how to be a better Creative Activities director.  I’m guessing it’ll be full of important tips like don’t eat the glue.  Seriously, I’m guessing it’ll be a blast, but since I’m leading the discussion, I better have some clue what I’m doing.

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