Friday, June 4, 2010

Preschool Corner: summer goals and such

Well, this is going to be a bit different of a post.  I wanted to write about what our plans are for the summer/next year partially to get it all figured out in my mind.
My plan is to continue with the decoable readers from Reading A to Z.  Right now the boys are doing pretty well with this. 
I’d like to see if I can find something to supplement this, but I’m not sure what to add in.  I don’t think they’re ready for too much more complicated than that.
GOAL FOR SUMMER:  get them through decoable 15 or 16.  That should be totally doable, and maybe get them further.
We’re going to finish up the Kumon handwriting books we have and also use Handwriting Without Tears.  Princess is going to use the pre-k stuff and the boys will use the Kinder stuff and start getting into lower case letters.
We’re also going to supplement with copywork I create using the Handwriting worksheet generator here.
I had at one point been going to put everything in page protectors and do it that way, but it seems to frustrate them, so I’m not going to do that.
I’ll also probably print off mazes and the like from time to time to help with more fine motor control practice.  They’re starting to really enjoy these
Goal for June: for all of the kids to finish off the Kumon capital letters book.
We’re going to continue with Math U See, and probably will finish Primer before October and move on to Alpha.  I found a cool website that can generate all sorts of worksheets for extra practice as they need it.
GOAL for summer: Get them proficient in counting to 100.  They can kind of sort of count reliably to 20, but not really.  I do notice if we practice regularly they pick it up so fast.
I’m thinking for now I’m going to leave off continent studies.  While the kids are enjoying it, and love learning about the animals and stuff, I think it’s too much for me to keep up with.  Instead we’re going to finish up the states.  We’ve gotten through several so far, and I have a bunch of posts halfway done on that subject.  We just haven’t quite finished a couple of things.
GOAL for summer: for me finish posts.  for them: solidify the states they already know and cover 3 more.  That would get me about one a month.  I’d like to figure out a way we can do some while we’re traveling this summer.  But that would require me to do a bunch of prepwork ahead of time.

We’re starting the Mystery of History, I had been planning on starting right away, but I want to start it right, not just start it.  Towards that end I want to take some time to make sure of how I want to do it.  I’ve got a cool idea for the timeline/work to do for it.  I just need to make sure I’ve got it planned well.
There’s a couple of cool resources for this that I’m thinking of getting.  I'll probably write a more complete post about this at some point when I have it a bit more figured out.
GOAL for summer: get this planned.  Get the projects set up and figured out.  Try to complete at least 10 lessons.



We’re going gung ho into Apologia Zoology, Flying Creatures (the link is to their online stuff).  The kids are loving learning about different creatures, and it’s providing me with more than enough stuff to write about for Science Sunday.  We’re not really following it in order, but that’s okay because it’s been really super fun.  This is probably another one that could be a whole topic to write about.

GOAL for summer/June:  Summer in general finish insects.  June in particular, as soon as we get our catterpillars we’re leaping head first into butterflies.



So, that’s my ideas in general.  I’m trying to figure out at what point I want to add in some other stuff.  At some point I want to do more formalized art than we’re doing, but don’t think we’re ready for that yet.  I also want to start at some point a second language, but that’s another we’re not ready for yet.  And by we, I really mean me.  I want to make sure I have the “important stuff” down cold before I start adding in extras.


For what people are actually currently doing in Preschool head over to Homeschool Creations.  The other posts might actually be a bit more cohesive than mine……

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