Sunday, July 25, 2010

Outstanding Blogger Award

Terra over at Monkey See, Monkey Do and Discovering Montessori over at The Work Plan both gave me this award.  I’m horrid at following through on awards, but this seemed like an excellent excuse to tell you IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!  And so you get to learn seven things about me for my birthday.

0041.  I love birthdays!  Can you tell?  I drop not so subtle hints to my friends and family for weeks and sometimes months ahead of time.  One of my primary love languages is gifts, so I’m all about the little presents.  Jeff brought me home Dublin Dr. Pepper the other day, and it was AWESOME!

2.  I routinely mistype the captchas on blogs.  Really, why does my computer supply a finished version of it that just messes up how it’s spelled?  That or I forget they’re there and then close the window before I type it in.  So, if you’ve ever not gotten a comment and your captcha pops up after I’ve hit enter that’s why.  I didn’t realize in time and didn’t go back to check.  I’m getting better at this.  Kinda.

Batman's popcorn sandwich 3.  As a leftie I hate erasable pens and a lot of the fountain pens or many of the nicer ones.  My hand turns all black and I just smear the ink.  It’s not pretty.  I had to search out quick drying pens for my Bible story pictures because I kept smearing the ink. (How do you like Batman’s popcorn sandwich?)

4.  I’m a sucker for a good young adult fantasy or sci-fi series.  I’ve read most of them and can provide a lot of recommendations in that area.

5.  I love book orders.  When I was teaching I easily spent half my salary on those things.  I’m so stoked now that my kids are old enough for my homeschool: “Last Name Academy” to be considered an official school and get those.

6.  I am rather hard on my electronics, particularly my camera.  I’m amazed it’s survived almost 3 years.  I think I should get the fancy kid camera for my next one, it’s nearly indestructible.

7.  I talk to myself.  A LOT.  I also have imaginary conversations with Jeff, and then wonder why he doesn’t remember talking to me about something.  This drives him slightly nuts.  Poor guy, he puts up with a lot.

And there you go.  Ummmm……..  I can’t find the image that’s supposed to go with this, and I’m going to not pass this on.
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