Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The MEAN Mommy returns

So, remember how I said I’d show you what my kids were doing while I sewed?



Well, the boys played.  Don’t they look cute riding on the motorcycle together?


Now, Princess………




I came around the corner, and she started running the crooked zig zag line of a guilty little kid.

She’d gotten a marker out and had colored on the door.  She knew full well she wasn’t supposed to be doing it, as evidenced by the run.



So, I made her help me clean this off.  And then I scrubbed it like crazy myself.  The marker came right off because it was washable, but the pen wasn’t being quite so cooperative.


Now, are you ready for the mean Mommy part?


We all still went to the swim part, but she wasn’t allowed to swim.  She sat on the side of the pool for TWO HOURS, and didn’t swim.  It was miserable for me as well, because she couldn’t swim, I couldn’t swim.  And it was over 1oo degrees.  I’ve since decided that I will make it more painful next time and I will go swimming and she’ll sit there, not allowed to get wet.


Yes, hello, my name is MEAN Mommy, and she made sure to remind me of that on a frequent basis while she sat there, in between horrible crying bouts.


But, she hasn’t colored on the wall or doors since, and I’d say that was a lesson well remembered.


And before anyone tells me how I’ve scarred my daughter for life over a minor thing.  This was not her first time, and we had tried other things.  This did not hurt her, but it made an impression.  So, no I wouldn’t change what I did, other than going swimming myself next time.

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