Thursday, December 2, 2010

stART: Florida Everglades

So……  I could have sworn I wrote this post when I wrote my posts for the week, but apparently I didn’t.  Here goes.


As part of our study of Florida we read about the Everglades and then we made our own version of the Everglades.  I’d actually say if you can find a different book to read that, because this one was okay, but not great.

Supplies needed: construction paper: 2 blue, green, yellow, glue (I also took a small amount and tinted it blue), dried grass, scissors, printout (below), crayons


Everglades Animals



1.  Cut out large numbers of animal pictures.  So many that you will be able to cover the paper more times than you could imagine.  While the kids are doing that you can trim the first page of blue paper to make it look wavy, and to be about a third of it’s size.  The yellow paper to be about half, and the green to be about 2/3, and finally the other blue is left normal.





2.  On each layer glue the appropriate animals.  It’s water, marsh, grassland, sky, in case you were wondering.  For the marshland we used the blue tinted glue and put the dried grass on the yellow paper.





3.  Insist on putting all of the animals on.  There are so many on it that we had to put them on the front and back.


Sadly, there’s also some in the wrong areas.  But, it was done gleefully saying “Look, I put the manatee in the sky, isn’t that silly?”



Well, here’s the finished pictures.  AAAAAHHHHHH viscous puppy attack as I get the pictures.


Oh no I’m being licked to death.  And those sharp little puppy teeth are trying to chew on my nose.


Whew, got him calmed down and sitting on my lap now.  He’s figured out how to get past our puppy gate for upstairs.  And then he figured out how to get past my improvisation to stop him from doing that.  Why are all young things in my family horribly good at getting into mischief?  My boys defeated the child-proofing on their door in less time than it took me to put it on when they were babies.



So, that’s the many layers of the Everglades.  I could have made it much more complicated, but this was quite complicated enough for me.

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