Friday, February 4, 2011

Preschool Corner: Tornadoes

Shibley Smiles

Okay, actually it’s just one tornado book, and this is one of about 4 posts about tornadoes.  Really, we found that many awesome books about them.
A Twisted Tale has probably been one of the two favorites from our Kansas study.  The kids love reading about the animals getting all mixed up, and imagining what would happen.

Now, if I still had this toy, it’d be perfect to follow up on this book, but it went the way of the Dodo in our house because the kids had outgrown it.

But, I don’t.  Instead I just sat there thinking about how much fun that would be.  Or any of the other fun mix up the animal toys which we don’t have.

So, I turned to an old standby………  index cards!  And I challenged the kids to think of a funny way to combine two animals.

So I got a dog and a cat that are connected to each other’s bottoms.  Superman was oh so proud of that.  Me, not so much.

A bird that has an E in it.  I think.

A person with really long legs.

Two ducks drawn by Batman that have feet from different animals. 

While, I’m not a fan of the whole connected by their bottoms, I did think Superman’s drawing was somewhat original.

Stay tuned for more posts about tornadoes.
Now, head on over to Homeschool Creations for more posts about preschool adventures, and JDaniel4’s Mom for more fun book inspired activities.  And head back on Sunday to see our science project for tornadoes.  I think Kansas has been our most fun state study recently.

I better get thinking how I’m going to top this for another state.  Actually we’re starting over because we’re going to start doing this with some other families.  Which gives me a chance to decide how to make these studies work better.
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