Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Geography: Liberty Bell

Okay, so it’s history too.  Especially when you add in this cool book.  I got very lucky and found an intriguing book about how a farmer and his son saved the Liberty Bell when the British were fixin’ to invade Phliadelphia during the Revolutionary War.

So after reading the story, and very nearly being stumped a couple of times by questions from one of the kids.  As soon as I was asked why the Liberty Bell was so important it totally flew out of my brain.
To go with this book we made our own Liberty Bell.

Supplies: Egg carton cut into individual cups, yarn, mini popsicle stick, acrylic paint (it stays on the foam egg carton better, but I guess you could use tempera).


1.  Poke a hole in two sides to string yarn through later.

2.  Paint the bell, then put it down and wait for the paint to dry (this is when we read the story).


3.  String the yarn through the bell.  Now tie the yarn onto the stick close to the bell.

4.  I wrapped all of the excess string around the stick so look like leather ties, but you could just cut it off short.

5.  Bonus step all of the older kids wanted to do: draw on the crack.

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