Wednesday, March 2, 2011

History: War of 1812

Now how many of you went “what war?”  Honestly, now?  And then how many of you thought of this song?

Or maybe I’m the only one who actually knows this song.  But, it came up within the first two hits on my search.
Actually, this is going to be one of those history type of weeks.  I’ve got at least two posts I can think of about history. 

This was a surprisingly cute book about a small town in Delaware during the War of 1812, and how they scared off the British army.


After reading this I thought it would be fun to make our own little soldiers.  The kids agreed too.

It’s a very simple craft.  I took some old-fashioned clothespins, and pre-painted them skin tone, though you could easily leave them wood colored.

Then they kids had fun drawing their soldier on.  Superman, happily drew a happy side and a sad side.  He also drew some other things which I had to talk to him about.  Boys!

If you can find a copy of this book, I highly recommend it.  It’s not scary, it provides a good amount of detail about what’s going on without getting into too much detail for little kids.

Now head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see what everyone else is doing in history and geography.
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