Friday, April 29, 2011

Georgia: That great peanut growing state

I wanted to do something for peanuts with Georgia because I remembered that Georgia is one of the largest peanut producing states in our country.  I thought for a little bit, and then remembered this post from Almost Unschoolers.


By the way, it’s very helpful if you add the search this blog add on to your sidebar, that’s how I found that post I knew she’d written.

051So, I gave all the kids a peanut.  Superman was very excited because he LOVES peanuts.  Loves the things.


After doing a bit of exploring we found the newborn plant in the peanut.




Then on the outside of the paper I gave them they drew a picture of what they discovered.  The older kids also labeled the parts.


Batman was not feeling the picture love right then.




Superman, on the other hand was a happy as could be because he got to eat his peanut, and about half the kids there gave him their peanuts.


Seventh Heaven.

On the inside of their paper they wrote/drew as many uses as they could think of for peanuts, and then continuing to take a page from Almost Unschoolers we ate Peanut Butter cookies.


So, I think this is the last activity to blog about for Georgia.  Now, I have two states to write summaries of in the next day or so……….

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