Sunday, July 17, 2011

Science Sunday: trying out some kits

Science Sunday


When I was at Half Price Books one day I saw a whole slew of experiment kits.  I don’t tend to pick these up because they seem overpriced for what you usually get, but these were a couple of dollars each, so I picked up the ones they had there.



Now this may not be the kit we used, because ours didn’t sink and rise.  And the instructions certainly didn’t imply it would sink and rise, but it looks the same.  I’d compare packaging but my kids have been quite efficient in recycling the package and then the recycling guys came by and picked it up.






The kit comes with instructions, a small submarine, and “fuel powder” (baking powder).


Instructions say: fill the compartment with the fuel powder and put the top on, then watch it as it goes around for minutes at a time.




What it fails to mention is the minutes at a time are very slow and tedious.  The reaction is so minute that you can’t really see it.  I thought about filming it to show, but you can’t see the powder dropping with my camera, and the bubble is so small you won’t see that either.


Were the kids intrigued with it?  Yes, more as a “is it my turn to pour stuff and play with it?” than from seeing reactions or other such things.


Would I recommend this kit?  No, the full price ($10) is way over board for what you get.  Especially since you can’t really see the reaction happening.  I was never entirely sure if the sub was moving from the bubbles or because we touched it.


So, very disappointing.  I’m hoping the next one we try will be more fun.  I’ve certainly seen more positive results from other blogs with this series.

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