Wednesday, November 16, 2011

North Carolina: The Flyers


“The Flyers” is a very cute book with several kids who have been watching Orville and Wilbur Wright trying to fly.  Each of the kids dreams about what might happen sometime in the future if they are successful.


Most of their dreams have come true, not always how they were thinking.  The back of the book gives examples of how their dreams came true.


I thought this was a super cute way of telling this story, interspersing what actually happened during the first flight with what the kids are dreaming about.



After we read it, each of the kids drew a picture and wrote a sentence about their dreams for a future plane.  Wright Flyer printable


There were lots of plane/car creations or plane/helicopter hybrids.


I did this first because I knew once we started


flying paper airplanes, there would be no going back.  This was also our last activity for the day.  I especially loved that our littlest one got in on the airplane throwing fun.




Our last time around we made this a science experiment (over at Almost Unschoolers she showed me a much better plane), which I could tell my kids still remembered because they tried to make all sorts of modifications to their planes to see if that worked.



Of course a few ended up in trees.


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