Sunday, November 6, 2011

Science Sunday: Prehistoric water dinosaurs

Science Sunday

This past week or so, we’ve been learning about prehistoric water creatures like the mozosaurus or the elasmasaurus.  You know the problem with most dinosaur names is they’re not in spellcheck, so you can’t be sure if you spelled it right or not.


015Well, we were talking about the elasmasaurus family and how it had two distinguishing features: a long neck and many many bones in their hand.


First we examined the long neck and tried to hold up a broom by the end of the handle.


We discovered it was much harder than it looked and all declared that we wouldn’t really want to have a long neck like that because it seems like a lot of work to hold your head up.  Then we brainstormed why it has such a long neck. 


Our theory, because it helps it get into small spaces to find fish.




Than we examined


Okay, I interrupt this post to share a funny quote I just heard “Bad dog, bad.  Shame dog, shame.”




Okay, continuing on.  So, next we looked at our hands and counted how many finger bones we had and how many joints.  The Elasamsaurus had 20 something joints in its hand, giving it amazing maneuverability.  It could turn on a dime and give you five cents change.


017Mwa ha ha ha, I crack myself up.


And finally we drew what we thought they looked like based off of the skeleton.  Surprisingly enough Princess’ dinosaur had pink skin.


Shocking I know.


So, what’d ya’ll do this week?  I’m still slowly going back and reading all of the posts from last week.  I love seeing what everyone does, and try to comment on all the posts, key word is TRY.  But please do remember this is a SCIENCE linky, not general crafts, I’ve had to delete a few posts that had nothing to do with science (and I’m pretty forgiving on that science front).

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