Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kentucky: Derby, of course

How can you learn about Kentucky without at least having a brief stop at the Derby?

You can’t.  So, I didn’t.

First we read “The Last Black King of the Kentucky Derby,” it’s a bittersweet story about a jockey who eventually quits racing here because of racism. I don’t think it was the best book for what I was trying to teach about, but it’s probably a good book for another lesson.
Afterwards we watched a video about the different hats women wear.

Which Princess thought was wonderful, the boys were more interested in seeing several different races from different years.

Afterwards we made Derby hats.

I turned them loose with styrofoam plates, bowls, pipe cleaners, buttons, bows, what have you.

Unfortunately, Batman’s was so precarious that he could never wear it.  The same with Superman’s, which I did get a picture of.

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