Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Revolution: Steps to War

We restarted our American history this semester, after much debating between my friend and I, but we really like how this one teaches it, and it had projects my kids could more easily do.

These past few weeks we’ve been looking at the steps to war.
The British government declared the American colonists were not allowed to move past the Appalachian mountains.  This angered many people who were looking to move out of the “crowded” East coast (imagine what they’d think of now!).
A high tariff was put on all imports and exports.  That’s why this needed such a scary ship to represent this.
They put a tax on sugar!  My kids all agreed this was terrible.

They started housing soldiers in people’s homes (this angered the people so much you’ll notice this is one of the first 10 amendments).

They taxed all paper and official documents.  My kids really didn’t see why this was so annoying.
And finally, or at least all I got pictures of, they put a tax on TEA!  Oh the horrors!  I can tell you in our house we would be paying quite a high tax on that.  We go through quite a lot.

This really helped them get the reasons.  I could tell they were remembering it because this was actually done over quite a few days.  Yeah for remembering! learning ALL the time!!

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