Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our latest project

Here's the in-progress pictures of our latest Nursery Rhyme:


And, then when they had the painting mostly done.


For anyone who's wondering, the reason why they have no clothes on in a lot of these pictures, is because they go straight from finishing up painting or working on crafts straight into the bath tub. It makes for easier clean up. I need to make them some are smocks. After all have to protect their modesty.

After their nap, if their Dad doesn't make it home early enough to play with them we'll finish our illustrations. It'll play to their strong suits, Superman can color Boy Blue, and Batman can color the cow, and the Princess can color the haystack. Then they'll all help me put together a sheep out of cotton balls.

I'm using these projects as a way to introduce them to lots of different crafts, and they seem to be really enjoying them so far.
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