Friday, January 30, 2009

Preserving memories

My Mom has reminded me yet again, that I really should write more about what I'm up to somewhere, because how else will I remember those special little details. So, in order to make sure I remember those things. Here goes a few particular things that happened in the past few days.

My kids have all revealed they have a greater calling in life, here's what they've decided their calling in life is: to be a hero or a princess. I just cracked up at lunch when I was solemnly told that Batman had (notice how I'm trying out not using their names, but using their preferred nicknames, I don't know if I'll stick to this, but it's worth a try) been told by God "that he would be a hero," specifically he'd be Batman. His brother then revealed he would be Robyn, and his sister, said she would be a princess.

Tonight we watched a surpisngly good movie "Gigi God's Little Princess," and as I was watching it, I saw my little princess in it so many times. There's a scene in the movie where the little girl isn't going to get what she wants because the king thinks she'll like his plan better, so she pulls the "sad puppy dog face" complete with batting eyes, lower lip stuck out, and real tears. Did you see the real tears Daddy? And in the dream sequence of course the king gives in..... Now, how this remind me of my princess, even at the tender age of 2, she has mastered the sympathy I'm so cute look. And she knows how to flirt, this is very worrying. Her Dad is thinking of locking her in a tower once she hits 12, okay not really. But he has threatened the no dating until you're married line.

She's also developed a couple of really good defense mechanisms, that I'm having to break her of that habit: screaming. She can scream in such a way as to break windows, it's kind of scary. When the boys take something of hers I always know what's happened because I can hear it no matter where I am in the house. I'm not exageratting, it's that loud. She's also decided that she's the third triplet. She may be 21 months younger (my Mom reminded me of the difference in age again), but she is sure she's a triplet. So, she wants to be in the same room with them, do the same things as them, she's determined to potty train right there with them. Only, she's not as successful on that last item as they are.

Okay, that's a few things that are particularly on my mind right now, and I need to get to sleep, since I'm sure they'll wake up at an insanely early hour, and I don't have Jeff here to entertain them in the morning like I usually do. Sigh, poor me.
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