Sunday, August 21, 2011

Science Sunday: How Big is a Whale?

Science Sunday

We finished up the chapter on whales and dolphins, but I didn’t think they were quite grasping how big these animals were.  If I read to you a whale is 100 feet long would you know how long that is?



First we measured the kids to get a baseline of how far a distance is.


We also tried to measure Mac, but he wasn’t so cooperative.




Then we measured out the different whales and dolphins using 10 feet measurements with our tape.  This picture is the length of a Killer Whale, 30 feet.


The kids were fairly impressed, but then we measured  the Sperm Whale.


That is a distance of 110 feet.  The kids were very impressed that I was almost all the way across the street to be that far away.


I did this for about 8 different whales and dolphins, but you get the idea, and some of these just aren’t as impressive.  I mean being 8 feet away when you take a picture is just a normal picture.


But, they do now remember how big a whale is.

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