Friday, February 6, 2009

The funniness of little kids

So today I'm sitting at Taco Bell with the kids listening to them talk. Batman announces, "I have Superman on this hand, and Princess on the other." He was using this to describe who was sitting next to whom. Now they continue on and Superman is talking about how this is Superman's hand, but Batman keeps telling him, "No I Batman." This continues on for a while with Princess piping in every now and then with "I Princess, I got Princess."

Fast forward to driving home, Batman graciously let Princess sit in his seat. He had a hidden motive, he really wanted to sit in the middle seat, and not in his car seat. So as a special treat I let him sit there, with lots of warnings because I knew we were driving a very short distance, and he's almost big enough to not need a car seat. I eagerly look forward to those days of only one car seat. Continuing on, so all three of them are sitting on the same row, and they are having a blast and talking to each other all the time. They are sitting there being silly and screaming occasionally, then telling each other to stop screaming, until the next one starts the whole rounds again. It's really quite funny to listen to.

My kids seem to believe that when you are sneaking or hiding, to make sure people know what you are doing you need to say this. So, this morning as I'm taking my shower, I hear Superman, tip-toeing across the bathroom saying, "sneak, sneak, sneak," and then he gets into the closet, and quite proudly announces, "I hiding!" To get a proper picture of this you should really imagine it like a cartoon mouse sneaking and hiding from the cat, it really was that exagerated. At this point, if Jeff were here, he would be pointing out, that they learned this from me. Now, I maintain that I am completely innocent. Really and for truly. I have no clue where they picked this up.
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