Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for the coming year


Goodbye 2011!


You’ll be missed, well some parts of you, others not as much.


I was looking back at my goals I had for the last time I set goals, and I have to say there were mixed results, so many of them I need to reuse as goals.



1.  Get the whole house under control.  My goal is to achieve at least one room a month.  Some months I will get more than one.


2.  Establish a workable chore plan for the kids.  All of the ones we’ve tried so far have not worked, hence why I haven’t shared.  It’s worked for a few days to a week, but not lasting.


3.  Resubmit my Bible study for publication.  I submitted it once before and was given some revisions to make.  I did those, but never heard back, so I need to try again.


4.  Establish a workable routine.  I created one at the beginning of the fall, but I very quickly figured out I don’t need a generic here is what I do for the day, but a day by day plan, otherwise it will fall apart.





1.  Get a pantry that I can find stuff in.  It’s gotten rather messy these past few weeks, and it’s more of a shove into place, rather than in the right place.


2.  Figure out a cleaning schedule for the kitchen that includes deep cleaning things.


3.  Create a daily review sheet for the kids.  I used to do this when I was teaching, but I want to start it up again.


Now, I’m off to fiddle for a few minutes before taking down our Christmas tree!

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