Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Day in our Homeschool Life

A Day in Our Homeschool Life
I thought about trying to document the perfect day, but let’s be honest, those don’t exist.  At all.

Or not in my house.  So, here’s the honest truth:

7:30- I wake up, the kids have already been awake for a few minutes, but know I don’t wake up well
7:35- I blink at my computer screen and try to resemble a human being while drinking a breakfast shake.  Ever since being pregnant with the twins I haven’t done well with breakfast frequently.
reasons not to teach your child how to microwave
8:15-get breakfast for the kids.  I do not want a repeat of the GREAT PLATE MELTING INCIDENT………..  The smell of melted plastic does not leave your house for HOURS people.
8:30- stare at computer for a few more minutes, maybe blink a little, and decide to take a shower while kids watch TV.  Warn kids we’ll start school once I come out.

8:45-get distracted by book, and read for 15 minutes-ish……..
9:00ish- Calendar Time
9:45- Exercise, led by Superman today.  We practice Kung Fu moves, and do push-ups.  Do you know how many years it’s been since I did a push up?
9:55- Dance break, yes we have a daily dance break.

10:00- Discuss general schedule for day and hand out math assignments
10:20-reading with Rapunzel, I mean Superman.  Yes, he needs a wig to read.
10:32-reading with Princess, yes you need 3 horses to watch you read.
10:50- Batman reads, or imitates a zombie, your guess.  We love our All About Reading Level 1!  Each of the kids is at a different point.  Batman celebrated finishing book 2 this week.
10:56- Mac saves us from any scary things in the backyard below by warning us of them.

11:05- Load up in the car for lunch with my Mom.  Turn around 3 times for various things left behind.  THREE TIMES!
11:30- Lunch with my Mom.  Yes, the boys did bring their math with them because they had problems with something and weren’t done.

1:00- Superman attempts to break his nose at the store.  Errands are cancelled and we head home.

1:30- Superman attempts to injure himself in many more spectacular ways.  I consider wrapping my kids in bubble wrap………….
2:00- Science, canine notebooking, and in case you were wondering, Princess swears pom-poms are necessary to learn about this.

2:25- History, we finish off history for the week early in a marathon spree.

3:00- The boys attempt to sit on each other.  Then decide to dance with the dogs.  Why?  Because they can.

3:15- Batman Lego 2 with Superman.  I should enjoy my birthday present, so I don’t let them play it without me.  That’s what he chose to do with me as the “Kid of the Day.”
4:00- I send the kids upstairs for rest time, and work on the Sunday School lesson for a bit.

4:40- Load up for Kung Fu
5:15- Boys have Kung Fu, I work on drawing pictures for Jonah (lesson the week after), and Princess plays with toys.  She brought Hungry, Hungry Hippo, a hair brush, and a mirror to entertain herself.  I kid you not.

6:15- start cooking dinner.

6:45- eat

7:30-storytime, we’ve just finished “Misty of Chincoteague,” and I’m gonna write about that on Saturday, fingers crossed……….

8:00- All kids are in bed, and at least pretending to sleep

8:30- watch TV and what have you

11:00-look at the time and mumble about going to bed, then sit in bed and read for another two hours.  Look at the clock, realize it’s almost 1:00, I REALLY SHOULD GO TO SLEEP!


Science Sunday: Canines and their relatives


Bring your notebook to the zoo


We finished up our study of the canine family with a field trip to our local nature center.  I will take any excuse to go there, and this was a perfect one: observe and write down about the animals from the canine family.

nature study at the zoo

We first sat outside the coyote enclosure.  This coyote was raised as a pet, so cannot be released back into the wild, it’s too acclimated.

Notebook your field trip

For the two animals we observed they had to write one sentence, and draw a picture that used at least 3 colors.


Superman’s says: Coyote has pointy ears.  Tail is pointing down.


Batman wrote both on the same page, so the coyote one says: He has a black nose.

Side note: They need to work on understanding how to write on the page.  They do better at home, but for some reason every lesson I’d taught them flew out the window when we were there.

studying the red fox

From the coyote we headed over to the Fox enclosure and spent some time observing her.  Again she was a pet that can’t be released back to the wild because of acclimation issues.  She wasn’t exciting to observe because she was asleep in the back of the cage.


Superman’s says: Red fox has red fur and they like the shade.

Side note: Notice there are still lots of letter reversals, and capital letters.  Not what I was working on for this lesson, so no corrections.


Princess: She has pointy red ears.

Batman’s said: He has red fur.


I was going to have them work on writing more, but I could see I was starting to lose them, so I released them to play in the water, which they happily did until I dragged them home again.


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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Games: Mystery at Hogwarts

Mystery at Hogwarts Clue game

Ages and ages ago when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone came out, a friend gave me Harry Potter Mystery At Hogwarts Game for my birthday.  It plays a lot like Clue, but there’s some fun differences added in.

Hogwarts Clue game

As you can see, the game board is set up to be the school.  You roll two dice and move around the board gathering clues to figure out who cast the spell and in what room (see, just like Clue).  That part’s the same.  Here’s where it’s different.

Harry Potter Clue

You can choose to move the ghost instead of yourself and make people reveal cards to you without making guesses.  Also, if you roll a “one” (which is a Hogwarts seal), you draw special cards that can protect you from effects, reveal hidden passages, or complete missing stairs.


Harry Potter mystery game

If you’re familiar with Clue, than you already know how the game works, but this adds in the extra layer of strategy with the ghost and some more randomness with the Hogwarts cards.


I would say it probably requires at least a mid-second grade reading level to play it well because my boys struggled from time to time to find the right names.  It also requires kids who don’t feel the need to tell everyone what they have and can hold their cards without showing them to EVERYONE.


On the random to strategy side, I’d put it closer to random.  Movement is based on a die roll and the cards you get at the beginning are completely random.  But, it’s a lot of fun.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our calendar time

Since, I’m going to be writing about a “Day in Our Life” soon, I figured I might as well share about our calendar time first so I didn’t have to explain in great detail about it then.

I’ve gathered together calendar pages from all over, and I’ll include links to the ones I’ve used, and links to the ones I’ve found, but didn’t use at the bottom of the page.  There’s a lot of resources out there.
Their covers are very carefully and artfully drawn, which makes it easy to tell whose is whose.

The first two pages are a days of school chart and a tally mark chart for days of school found at Motherhood on a Dime.
Then is a chart for weather for all the months.
Next is the monthly section.  It starts off with a calendar page of the month.  Behind that is the “All About Me” skills page.  My kids need to work on writing their address and information, so once a month they will complete this page.  This comes from the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s Member’s Only site (review coming, highly recommend it).
After that is the weather.  We’re using the weather page from Our Aussie Homeschool (hers didn’t include snow, but many variations on sunny and rain).
The last two pages we’re still working our way up to filling out completely.  First is the 2nd Grade Daily Math activities.  It covers time, creating a money amount, and math problems.  This caught most of what I wanted to work on for daily math for the kids, but there was one other thing.  This is also at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s Members Only site, she has different pages covering similar material for kinder-3rd grade.  Second grade hit all the things I wanted, it’s designed great for calendar time for multiple ages, oh and large enough to be able to write on.
Last page is a correct the sentence page (which we haven’t done the top part yet), and daily number.  We’ve done the daily number part.  We roll two 10-sided dice and create our 2 digit number, then we go through figure out even/odd, expanded notation, number word (oh the complaints), 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less.  Printable found at The Teacher Wife.

The way to make sure we get this done more often?  We only fill in the days of school chart when we do this, and we’re going to have a party once we reach 100.  So that means they HAVE to remind me if they want the party.

I also know I won’t make this every day of the school week, so I didn’t include a full month’s worth behind each monthly calendar, I guess at a number based on what I know of each upcoming month.
Other places with Calendar Posts
Our Aussie Homeschool
Motherhood on a Dime
The Teacher Wife
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