Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kentucky: Derby, of course

How can you learn about Kentucky without at least having a brief stop at the Derby?

You can’t.  So, I didn’t.

First we read “The Last Black King of the Kentucky Derby,” it’s a bittersweet story about a jockey who eventually quits racing here because of racism. I don’t think it was the best book for what I was trying to teach about, but it’s probably a good book for another lesson.
Afterwards we watched a video about the different hats women wear.

Which Princess thought was wonderful, the boys were more interested in seeing several different races from different years.

Afterwards we made Derby hats.

I turned them loose with styrofoam plates, bowls, pipe cleaners, buttons, bows, what have you.

Unfortunately, Batman’s was so precarious that he could never wear it.  The same with Superman’s, which I did get a picture of.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Local Christmas memories

With all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles in short driving range we get to celebrate 3 Christmases.  At the time of this writing we’ve had 2 of them (with my family and our own celebration).

So, I give you photo evidence of the chaos that ensued, and Aunt Tara was kind enough to take pictures that day, so I’m actually in pictures!


The highlight for the kids was seeing Aunt Jenn open the presents for “Baby C” as they are eagerly awaiting the birth of a new cousin.  The most amusing part for the adults was watching my Mom eagerly wait for everyone to open their presents so she could remember what she got them.


I love that the kids were so excited about what they were giving other people.  They were very impatient for me to open my presents from them, and it was fun to open them and see.



Princess was super proud of finding a nativity night light for me, “It’s special because it has baby Jesus.”



We got a lot of laughs out of Mom’s wrapping this year, she decided to use newspapers to continue an old family tradition, but since she didn’t get the newspaper she was limited to what came in the mail.  So, I got a young black man on one of my presents, Princess had guns from Academy………..  Not that our unique brand of wrapping is much better……..


I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I’m about to leave for Dallas to see Jeff’s side of the family.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas story bracelet

Little Wonder Days did this adorable bracelet for her kids for Christmas, and I loved the idea and knew I had to use it for my Sunday School class.  She used beads she had on hand, but since I only had various shades of red and clear beads I had to go out and buy mine, so it’s slightly different than hers.




White- for the angel who came to Zechariah and told him his wife would have a baby.

Blue- for Mary who believed what the angel told her and trusted God.

Brown- for Joseph who was going to divorce Mary, but stopped when an angel told him to trust Mary.

Grey- for the donkey Mary rode to Bethlehem because of the Roman decree.

Gold bell- for Jesus, the bell rings to remind us to tell everyone of the Good News, and it’s gold because Jesus will wear a gold crown.

Star- for the star that appeared above Jesus.

White- for the angel that appeared to the shepherds to tell them of Jesus’ birth.

Green- for the shepherds who ran to see the newborn babe.

Light purple- for the magi who traveled so far to see the baby Jesus.

Yellow, purple, and red- for the gifts the magi brought.  Gifts fit for a king.


Merry Christmas to all of you, I’ve no guarantee I’ll be posting again until after Christmas, I have a wonderful Merry Christmas post I’d like to write, but I don’t guarantee it.

So, just in case:


Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bible Alive: Nehemiah

The kids and I read about Nehemiah last year as part of our history, then we acted it out with Legos.  This time around was a much bigger hit for everyone.  They haven’t stopped asking to play it again.003

This time I had the kids build the wall with the “mass 'o’ boxes” we have stashed away for some reason.  The parents job was to try and knock the wall down while they were building.  I encouraged the kids to defend their walls with pillows like the Israelites built with spears in their hands.  They quickly figured out it works better if everyone has a pillow and is building because then they could keep us away.


The only thing is defending yourself from a pillow fight means you don’t have much ability to take good pictures.  It’s more hold your camera out and then duck as they try to kill you with a pillow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kentucky: Muhammad Ali

034One of the things I love about doing this is what I learn too.  For instance I never knew where Muhammad Ali was from, or really anything about him beyond he boxed and his catchphrase.


After reading it, of course we had to come up with our own catchphrases like Ali did.


Of course their catchphrases weren’t polished or metered.


It was more like:


I run fast and punch hard

I’m like a master ninja and will defeat you!

I can run and dance faster than anyone


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Science Sunday: I got nothing

Science Sunday

I had grand and glorious plans, but life got in the way.  It’s been a rather tumultuous week at our house with various family things going on and Christmas preparations going on.


We were going to learn a whole lot about dinosaurs on Friday going to the Children’s Museum and trying out their current exhibit, but instead we spent it with me at the doctor’s and are now waiting for various test results.  In cause you’re wondering, I’m fine, just a few oddities going on.


The only real sort of science activity I have is from our Advent activity.  We read the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal and their little competition.  That story cracks me up every time as Elijah sits there and insults the prophets of Ball and makes all these remarks and they spend hours trying to get their god to light the fire.  Then Elijah stands up and in less than a minute God lights the fire.



Well to go with that we showed that only God can light a fire on soaking wet wood, this also worked great to explain why it’s not so dangerous right now for someone to have a fire outside.  We’ve had about a week of drizzle and pseudo-rain.  You know that rain storm that’s just enough for you to almost need an umbrella, but it’s not really raining.  After a week of that all of the twigs in our backyard were soaked.


And despite trying many different ways we were not able to light a fire.


Jeff mumbled something to me about getting phosphorous and lighting it that way.  I mumbled back about ruining the whole point of God being able to light a fire that destroys the rocks and everything.


Learning in Mayapur shared about Cobras, a good reminder that a good animal study doesn’t have to be complicated.


Creative Connections for Kids had a fun idea of making flower seed ornaments.  I’m thinking of changing it up and using it for Valentine’s Day cards.


Oh and THERE WILL BE NO SCIENCE SUNDAY ON CHRISTMAS OR NEW YEAR’S DAY!  I know scheduled learning will be taking a break, and so I figure I won’t stress about it all.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

50 State Study: North Carolina


As you can see North Carolina was not heavy on printable activities.  Actually it wasn’t super busy this time through, most of the books I found were checked out of the library and didn’t straggle in for a while.

North Carolina state symbols

Design our own airplane-of course a favorite activity

waterproofing- what is the best way to waterproof your paper


If I had thought about it, I could have put a pocket in to save their protest signs…….


Of course I don’t know that I want to encourage their protesting……….



The other activity from North Carolina I couldn’t put in was their drowning Blackbeard puppet.


My two posts I have saved on North Carolina:

All Things Beautiful has a North Carolina post.

Weiser Academy has one on studying rocks.


And I’m going to link this over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and All Things Beautiful (who I’m still waiting for her button Smile)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kentucky: Daniel Boone

I found this fabulous book, but then as I was preparing I got an email from Colonial Williamsburg with their “Primary Source of the Month,” Daniel Boone’s surveying equipment (you may need to register to see the picture, I’m not sure).


I still read the book, but I totally changed our activity.

Daniel Boone surveying equipment

model of Daniel Boone’s surveying equipment as done by Batman.  The string is used to measure a distance, the compass is used to ensure you are heading in just one direction.


Supplies: foam board or cardboard, yarn, brad, paper/cardstock, markers


Prep work: cut two pieces of foam approximately 4 inches by 6 inches, and a piece of string about 2 feet long, from the cardstock cut a circle and an arrow shape




Step 1: Put a large amount of glue on the top of the first piece of foam board (I have lots and lots from the boys’ birthday party last year).  Place the second piece of foam board on top.


Step 2:Take the piece of card stock and write the compass points on it.




Step 3: Punch a hole in the middle of the circle and put the arrow on it using the brad.


Bonus points if you have time to color the rest of the case or paint it.



Subtract points if the boys automatically start demonstrating how you can swing it above your head like a weapon.


Not that anyone I know would do that………..  Not at all………..


I’m gonna link this over at All Things Beautiful and A Mommy’s Adventures 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kentucky: Young Abe Lincoln

I love Abraham Lincoln, and also tall tales, so a book that combines the feel of a tall tale with Abraham Lincoln is a good find.

The story tells the tale of young Abe Lincoln and his first best friend as kids in Kentucky, and actually does tell an incident that really happened in Lincoln’s youth, but with a fun light-hearted feel, which is important because it is a scary time where he almost dies.



After reading it we took some time to write “what makes a good friend,” (link to printable).  Their answers were amusing, things like “play with them” or “makes me laugh,” but they were very true.  It shows that being a friend doesn’t really change from being 5 years old to being a grown-up.  Or so called grown-up.



I’m gonna link up over at All Things Beautiful, with her history/geography Meme.  I have zillions of posts I need to link up there.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vermont: Champy

I have to admit I love anything and everything Stephen Kellog, he just write and illustrates some of the cutest books.  I’m lucky and went to a conference he was at and he signed a book for me.

A couple of years ago when Superheroes and Princesses wrote about Vermont she mentioned Lake Champlain has an inhabitant rather like the Loch Ness Monster, she actually found a book about him, but my library didn’t have that.  However I own the next best thing a book not specifically about the Loch Ness Monster.



Well, after reading it and talking about Champy, we took some time to make our own versions of him.


Isn’t if funny how they each have their own very distinct Champy?

And here’s the printable, if you want it: Vermont: Champy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Days 7 and 8, I think

Sigh, I know where these fell, but I’m totally not remembering the exact day.



We talked about the story of Jacob and how he tricked his brother and had to run away.  Then we talked about Jacob having his dream with the angels coming up and down.


Afterwards we created our own Jacob’s ladder.  I had planned to take another stab with the bubble dying, but I was not feeling up to it, and my second plan was missing parts.  So, regular old blue paper it was……


Since they didn’t know about my more ambitious plans they didn’t care one bit.



Princess was quite proud of her creation, and so were all of the kids, but she was the only one who posed with hers.





I love how everyone had a different interpretation.  Superman literally built a stairs out of popsicle sticks, and Batman had huge numbers of steps.  Princess wanted her angels to be pretty.



Now on to the next day, acting out the story of Joseph with popsicle stick puppets, which was a huge hit.  Other than I had to sit through 3 renditions of it all, which got to be rather “creative,” yeah let’s say creative.


You can see a not really tutorial on how to make the puppet theater here.  You can find the printables for the Bible story and craft at part 1 of my Advent project.


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