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This is where I tell you all about us, I thought to first start with my family, and I'm going to go from youngest to oldest.


This is Mac.  He's our miniature schnauzer, and he thinks he's a cat.  He mainly shows up in the blog when he's way too adorable to not take a picture, or when he's managed to participate in our learning fun.

He is a barrel of fun.

What's not so fun is how much he chews on everything.

Princess is both correctly and incorrectly nicknamed. She is our little princess, but as you can see from this picture she's got a bit of the tomboy in her.  Which means she fits in quite well in our family.

She is 5, and boy I need to update this more often.  She can't decide if she wants to be a Pony, a Mommy, or Wonder Woman when she grows up.  No matter what I'm looking forward to seeing what she grows up to be.  Right now she's so much fun to see grow up.


Batman is my younger twin.  He's seven. It's a little funny to think not too long ago he was a little 5 pound baby.

Originally I was going to put up a picture of each of them in the bluebonnets, and this is from one of our bluebonnet trips, but this was so in character for him.  Almost every time he goes out for a walk he will find a flower to pick for me and give to me.  This one is unique in that it still has a stem left.

Right now, Batman's plan is to be Iron Man when he grows up.  He firmly believes that I can help him make his Iron Man suit and that we will work together to make his base and all of the gadget and gear he needs.

Superman is my thinker, and he is all of 2 minutes older than his brother.

Superman has an amazing imagination, which he has mostly put into the creation of his hero, Blue Arrow.  At some point I will write a book about all of the amazing things Blue Arrow can do.  Needless to say there is no hero quite like him.

Superman is planning on growing up to become Blue Arrow, and when he does all the problems of the world will be solved.  It's always interesting to me to hear Blue Arrow's latest abiltiies.

Like Batman, Superman is seven.


This is me, Ticia, and I'm cough cough years old.  Actually this pictures is a few years old and is from the boys' first Ren Fest they got to go to.  Before Princess was old enough to join, that's why she's not in the picture.

Let's see.......  I have more hobbies than I really should.  I love to sew, and draw, and write.  I sometimes scrapbook and make cards.  I love to read and take baths.  I've been known to disappear into a nice bubble bath and pretend I don't hear the kids calling my name.

I'm a Christian and that does influence what I do, how I do things, and what I choose to write about.  It also influences how I teach my kids.

This is my husband Jeff.  He's a programmer and helps me out from time to time when I am about to throw things at my computer.

He's a little camera shy, unlike my kids who are camera hogs, so it's hard to find pictures of him.  But, I love him, and have been married to him for 10 years.

We're a good match, and share many interests.  In particular books, and when we went on our honeymoon managed to go over the weight limit in our luggage with a lot of new books we'd bought.

So, that's my family.

Now, let me point you to a few posts that you might find helpful to find out more about us and what this site is about.

Why We Homeschool

Questions people ask about twins

Curriculum choices

Now to some business details:

If you want to contact me, here's MY EMAIL.

I do occasionally receive free products for review.  When I do I will always say that in the post.  I will still give my honest opinion.  I generally do not agree to review something unless I think I will like it, that is why my reviews are positive.  I don't want to waste my time or other people's time reviewing products I won't like.

I do include affiliate links.  Honestly at this point I'm not really making a lot of money from them, a few dollars here or there if that, but I want to make sure you know.

I have affiliate links for: Amazon, All About Learning Press, Heritage History, and Bright Ideas Press.

All of these are companies that I use and enjoy their stuff, so I can suggest using them.  At this point money I earn will be going to my church to support a building fund.
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