Thursday, November 17, 2011

Advent season

This year I am going to try and be more focused in our plans for Christmas and the Advent season, and towards that end I have a plan.

Hopefully the plan will go well.


Day 1- God creates the world, play a Concentration game using cards from Adam Names the Animals. For other things we have done with Creation, go to: Creation book part 1(follow the link trail), Creation book 2, Creation game.  This is going in an Altoid tin, I’ve altered somewhat……  Mainly gluing scrapbook paper all over it.

Day 2- Adam and Eve peg dolls, along with a snake and a garden of Eden play mat (also known as a handkerchief colored with sharpie and food dye). The idea is from Our Country Road.
My plan is to use the play mat for the others days in general.

Day 3- Noah, I’m still debating on this one.  The kids are advocating for another play set and an ark……  You know another one.


Day 4- Abraham, Sarah, and baby Isaac, story of Isaac as the promised child.

Day 5- sheep- tell the story of Abraham offering Isaac as a sacrifice.

Day 6- Jacob’s ladder.  I probably will put the supplies in to do this craft.  Now to figure out how to do that……..

Day 7- Joseph and Judah, since Judah is the one who is in Jesus’ line, I’ll probably emphasize how Judah offered to be responsible for Benjamin.


Day 8-Moses in a basket- to show how God is keeping Israel safe even in the worst times.

Day 9- Rahab and the spies (one of 4 women mentioned in Jesus’ line, including Mary).  I’m still debating on what I’m going to do here.  I don’t want to do an endless line of peg dolls, but at the same time the kids love them.

Day 10- Ruth Boaz and probably Naomi- another of the women in Jesus’ line, I find it interesting that most of the women mentioned are not actually Hebrew.

Day 11- David and Goliath- more peg dolls

Day 12- David as king, probably the story of David and the ark of the covenant- make crowns

Day 13- King Solomon- King Solomon and how he asked for wisdom

Day 14- Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-25)

Day 15- Mary (Luke 1:26-44), Mary nativity doll

Day 16- John born (Luke 1:57-80)

Day 17- Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25), Joseph nativity doll

Day 18- Journey to Bethlehem (Luke 2:1-7), board game from Living Waters (printable)

Day 19- shepherds (Luke 2:18-20), shepherd nativity figures, possibly drummer boy

Day 20- magi (Matthew 2:1-12), magi nativity figures, maybe frankincense and myrrh

Day 21- Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)

Day 22- Anna (Luke 2:36-43)

Day 23- escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-18) pyramid puzzle or stacking cups

Bolded items I’m still debating on what will go in those particular boxes.  My plan is to wrap them in individual boxes and hide them all over the house with numbers on them.  I deliberately ended it on the 23rd because I’ve found for us that Christmas Eve and Christmas tend to be fairly busy so I don’t want to try and plan a special event that we won’t be able to do.  I’d rather finish it up early and just read stories on the last two days.

Over at Tired, Need Sleep she also has a great Advent calendar which I’m going to print out for my Sunday School class.  I also have a ton of ideas over on my Christmas board and my Advent board.

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