Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raising Rock Stars: Creation

So, this is a bit of an odd post, since our history curriculum is written from a Christian point of view it includes things from the Bible.  So, I wasn’t quite sure whether to put this as history or Bible, so I’m going to do a bit of both.
We read the first few lessons in The Mystery of History and learned about how God created the world and how God created man.  To reinforce this we did two things:

001 1.  We made a mini-booklet where the kids took turns illustrating the different days of creation.  This one was my favorite picture.  Batman drew God resting on His bed in heaven.  He was quite proud of himself.  Okay, so I was proud of him too.

2.  They tried to mold man out of play-doh, like God molded Adam from the dirt.  We all agreed it was hard, and we’re very glad that we didn’t have to try and make a person out of dirt.  It’s hard.

006 004
My little creator had quite a lot of fun making his human.

Then just like God we rested from all our hard work.
011 010
Well, the boys rested.  Princess……… well after a while I gave up on her resting, and she painted her fingernails.
009And she’s quite proud of herself.
Raising Rock Stars
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