Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafts we love

Okay, I'll start off this post with I love to do crafts with my kids. I recognize that most, I mean pretty much all of what we're doing is not art. But, we all enjoy it, and I"m learning to let them enjoy the process and not worry about the end result. It's a work in progress.

Here's my favorite art supplies: scissors, markers, glue, construction paper

Here's commonly used supplies: fun foam, fabric, buttons, ribbon, paint, cardboard boxes, old containers, milk cartons

I ran through lots of different ideas of what to include in this post. I've decided to go through and link the different crafts I intend to do with my kids at some imaginary point in the future when I cover that topic. So, here goes:

Our Homeschool Fun- there were several cool ideas here, not to mention a cool looking lapbook

Ramblings of A Crazy Woman- cool paper plate bird, she also hosts "We Made It Friday!" a showcase of crafts from the week, great place to visit every week
Sewing School- how to make nests, I love her site for inspiration

Sewing School- these are so cute

Butterfly/Very Hungry Caterpillar
Orange Juice- butterfly matching game
Frugal Family Fun Blog- symmetrical butterfly

4 Crazy Kings- cool dinosaur fossil activity
Our Crafts N Things- construct a dinosaur skeleton
The Unexpected- cool dinosaur/dragon lacing toy

Adventures in MOmmydom- not to toot my own horn..... but here's the crafts we did
Pink and Green Mama- this is more of a "mommy craft," still it's so incredibly cool
Katie's Nesting Spot- feltboard creation about apples, kids could cut out all these pieces with help

I have lots of ideas marked for this, we're going to the coast in a few months and I want ideas to get them excited
Our Crafts N Things- crab
No Time For Flashcards- another crab, but included it because this is an awesome site
Our Crafts n Things- starfish, she must have been doing an ocean/fish theme
Just for Fun- lobster, very cute handprint craft my kids will grudgingly do when the time comes

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman- and this is why I never throw out egg cartons
Teaching My Little Bookworm- super cute using a styrofoam cup
Ten Kids and a Dog- great stringing flower activity, my kids have just gotten into this, wouldn't Grandma love it?

That's my currently clipped crafts to do, that list will grow, and later today I'll post how we made a lacing snake. For more great talk about crafts go to: Picnic Talk
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