Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sound and Touch

We didn't get as much done as I would have liked this week, but for good reason. We had cousin come to visit us.

I had big and glorious plans of doing one science experiment a day to go with the 5 senses. Then reality crashed in and we got one of them done, and the other one was more happenstance.

Touch Experiment

Materials Needed: small bag or box (not see through), several small toys

Here's what we put in our bag.

1. Tell your kiddo to find a specific object in the bag. For the first go around try to choose an easy object. Then make a guess how many trys it will take.


2. Have them close their eyes and try to pull the object out. Keep trying until you find it. Notice how well he "closed" his eyes. If he was peeking, he did a really bad job because it took him 4 tries.


3. Congratulate them when they find their object, and then provide a new challenge.


They always pulled the snake out first.

Sound Experiment

I have some planned for at home, but here's what I found at the Kid Museum this time.


The diferent positions of the ball hit different "keys" on a music box, you can make your very own music box song. So, we had fun prediciting what sounds different places would make.

If you have a science post, new or old link it up here. Join us back here next week for a bunch more 5 senses experiments (I just found the best book at the library today (Thursday the 15th, when I'm writing this)).

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