Sunday, March 7, 2010

Science Sunday: teeth


So, I’ve had the supplies to make homemade ice cream for two weeks.  We just haven’t had the opportunity.  We’ve had this cool book of experiments and other stuff called Howtoons, but life just hasn’t worked out.  I’m going to try for tomorrow, and hopefully life won’t interfere……
So, what did we do this week?  It’s been inspired by an episode of Dinosuar Train, which my kids absolutely love, and they sing the theme song all the time.  It helps that it’s mostly repeating “Dinosaur Train” over and over and over again.
Well, in the episode we were watching Buddy loses a tooth, and learns about how T-Rexs continually lose their teeth and get new ones.  This of course led to their wanting to figure out if they would lose teeth.
So, we talked about how people start to lose teeth when they’re around the boys age.  Some people lose them older (I didn’t lose my first tooth until almost second grade, so almost seven).   They were absolutely intrigued by this.
Then I talked about how some people will also lose teeth because they didn’t take care of their teeth and didn’t brush their teeth, then I sent them upstairs to brush their teeth.
Nice, simple easy.
So, do you ever cover science topics as it comes up in conversation?  A good portion of ours is covered that way.  Now, how about you?  What did you do for science this week?  Link up with any science related post.

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