Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York: Under New York

“Under New York” is a fun book that talks about all of the things you will find under New York City.

It weaves a nice story and is a different way to talk about a big city about all of the business that goes on underneath.

Afterwards the kids got a piece of paper with a picture of the New York skyline on the front and the lifted it open and inside they drew what they thought of under New York…….

As you can imagine they each had different ideas of what to draw.  Princess had to draw something “pretty.”  That’s her new obsession drawing pretty stuff.

The boys latched onto something different.  You know that rumored to be there……..

Can you tell?  My boys BOTH drew alligators under the city.  They thought that one sentence was very cool and they wanted needed to draw it.  Our friend S drew a subway car.

And to show how much of a hit this book was, I’ve reread it at least a couple of times to the kids after the lesson because they dug it out of the library box and read it.

I’m gonna link this over to these fun linkies: Geography/History at All Things Beautiful and American History over at Journey to Excellence (both of which I need to figure out their button codes, for blogging so long I am rather untech savvy).

Shibley Smiles
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