Sunday, May 6, 2012

Science Sunday: where we rescue a bat


We went to a new park in the area on Friday and as we were leaving I saw something crawling across the road to leave the park.  I had to stop and rescue it.
Isn’t he cute, in an unbelievably ugly sort of way?  That’s certainly what my kids kept saying over and over again.
We kept guard over him (without touching, I know that much for sure) all the way to the side of the road.  Then we talked about what type of bat he is and where he lives.
Austin is home to a colony of Mexican Freetailed bats, it’s even one of the “things to see in Austin.”  I personally like the bridge up in Round Rock better to watch the bats come out, but either way it’s a fun site.

After looking up at the bridge above us (the picture above) to remind ourselves where he probably sleeps, then we talked about what he eats.  MOSQUITOES, lots and lots of them.  That’s what we love bats, they eat bugs.  This is good.  I haven’t figured out what use there are for mosquitoes yet in God’s Creation.  I can figure out uses for most other things I don’t like or find annoying, but haven’t found one yet for those.

We also caught a quick video of the bat crawling so you can see it in action.  I wasn’t aware bats could move so well on the ground, but then I remembered that young bats do that.

Mexican Freetail bat crawling
Let’s see what others did this week:

Wine Cup Christian Academy did a variation on the volcano experiment I’ve never seen before.  Can you guess what she used?

Lionden Landing created a fun model of the solar system (this isn’t the actual model, I just really loved the illustration).

Switching gears, Almost Unschoolers has a great anatomically correct cookie making experience about ladybugs.

Highhill Homeschool had a lot of fun trying to find the best way to make an electrical circuit.

Come back tomorrow to check out my contribution to Around the World in 12 Dishes!  We’re going to Russia!


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