Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess where I got to go?


They put in a Lego store up at the mall near my in-laws.  Can I just say this was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!

There was an area where you could put together your own set of Lego guys, and then the entire back wall was filled up with different types of Legos that you could build your own set by filling up a cup.  And you could buy Star Wars Lego guys on magnets.

IT WAS AWESOME!  I'm not a big fan of shopping, I have to admit, but I happily spent a good half hour in that store just wandering around looking at all of the different sets they had.  Sigh, so happy.

And having stopped by there turned out to be very fortuitous because after that Superman slipped and we went to the ER, and it was very handy to have a thing full of Legos for his brother and sister to play with while waiting.
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