Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What all I’ve got stored away under the bird category

As I’ve commented before, I store any cool ideas I find on Evernote and tag them with whatever I think I might use it as.  Here’s a highlight of the different bird ideas I’ve got stored away:

Lapbook ideas and printables

image courtesy of Living and Learning

Owl lapbook- I love that she included links to all of the different ideas she used and where to find them.  One of our chapters goes over owls, so I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this for more ideas.  That,and I want to try dissecting an owl pellet with the kids.

Bird pictures- what a great idea for identifying local birds

Bird unit- this has links to everything she used to make her spring bird nature study

Art projects

Bird marionette puppets- I can see my kids taking this idea and running so far with it.

Bird nest- Much better than the bird nests we tried…..

Bird mask- I love this idea, and will need to start shoveling cereal down my kids’ throats to get some boxes……

Hatching egg- who doesn’t love a cute chick hatching out of an egg?  I’m pretty sure, Almost Unschoolers has got a whole slew of cute bird crafts.  I know she’s been doing some cute penguin ones.

Another nest- wouldn’t this look cute as a cover about nests?

Owl- Whooo wouldn’t like it?  Hahahahhahha I couldn’t resist.

Bird feeder- I’ve seen this several places, but I think I saw it first here.

Bird house- I need to get a big huge thing of orange juice, or just use our milk bottle for it.

Paper plate bird- cute and simple, two things I like.

Experiments and Exploration

Owl pellets- I liked the idea of having a video to watch, and if I can’t track down a place to order owl pellets we can do it online.

Egg osmosis- If you haven’t checked out this site for science experiments, you really need to.

How do birds fly- great for little guys

Bird beaks- we did a similar experiment with insect mouths, and I remember trying this experiment when I was in college.  Looking forward to doing this with my kids.

How birds eat- I remembered this experiment when we were watching a video about how birds will swallow rocks (the experiment I’m thinking of is halfway down the page).

The naked egg- multi-post series about egg in vinegar.

The effects of pollution on birds- I can so use this to help my kids further understand why not to litter.

What is in an egg?-I like the diagram using the actual egg they made.


Chick hatching video
Webcam sites of birds
Also, currently streaming on Netflix is Life of a Bird, a very interesting series from BBC, I think.  They also have a couple of other videos on their streaming about birds.  We’re slowly watching through these while we eat lunch.
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