Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Make a Nest

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So we read the book The Best Nest. And afterwards we made a nest, and now I'll show you how.

Supplies: yarn, glue, bowl, saran wrap

1. Pour the entire bottle of glue in a bowl add a little water to water it down and mix it together.

2. Cut up lots of yarn into little pieces.


3. Cover the bowl in saran wrap. Photo courtesy of Superman


4. Now grab a piece of yarn and dip it on the glue mixture. Then drape it over the bowl. Just keep repeating this until you have a lot of yarn all over. Try to spread the yarn into different places.


After about 5 pieces of yarn Superman decided he just was not going to do this anymore. Instead he appointed himself as the cutter of yarn. This suited Batman and Princess just fine because they were busy arguing over the yarn.

All in all, I'm not sure if this was the greatest craft in the world. While 2 of my 3 kids really loved it, their patience level to wait for the yarn to dry was non-existent. By the time the yarn had dried (2 days later) they had completely forgotten about the nests.

Oh well, live and learn. This did suit my glue maniacs just fine. And we did use up every bit of that bottle of glue.

So, we made turtle yesterday and since in the book we read turtles had nests they of course all suddenly remembered about their nests and had to put their turtles in the nests. And, ummmm, well I'd thrown away Supermans because it wasn't really a nest, just 5 pieces of yarn. So, he made a new one. Actually he started a new one, and then Batman and he worked out a deal where Batman got to make a new one, and he got Batman's old one. Sigh. That'll teach me to throw out something.

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