Sunday, December 18, 2011

Science Sunday: I got nothing

Science Sunday

I had grand and glorious plans, but life got in the way.  It’s been a rather tumultuous week at our house with various family things going on and Christmas preparations going on.


We were going to learn a whole lot about dinosaurs on Friday going to the Children’s Museum and trying out their current exhibit, but instead we spent it with me at the doctor’s and are now waiting for various test results.  In cause you’re wondering, I’m fine, just a few oddities going on.


The only real sort of science activity I have is from our Advent activity.  We read the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal and their little competition.  That story cracks me up every time as Elijah sits there and insults the prophets of Ball and makes all these remarks and they spend hours trying to get their god to light the fire.  Then Elijah stands up and in less than a minute God lights the fire.



Well to go with that we showed that only God can light a fire on soaking wet wood, this also worked great to explain why it’s not so dangerous right now for someone to have a fire outside.  We’ve had about a week of drizzle and pseudo-rain.  You know that rain storm that’s just enough for you to almost need an umbrella, but it’s not really raining.  After a week of that all of the twigs in our backyard were soaked.


And despite trying many different ways we were not able to light a fire.


Jeff mumbled something to me about getting phosphorous and lighting it that way.  I mumbled back about ruining the whole point of God being able to light a fire that destroys the rocks and everything.


Learning in Mayapur shared about Cobras, a good reminder that a good animal study doesn’t have to be complicated.


Creative Connections for Kids had a fun idea of making flower seed ornaments.  I’m thinking of changing it up and using it for Valentine’s Day cards.


Oh and THERE WILL BE NO SCIENCE SUNDAY ON CHRISTMAS OR NEW YEAR’S DAY!  I know scheduled learning will be taking a break, and so I figure I won’t stress about it all.

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