Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bible Alive: Jesus Healed a paralytic!

Jesus heals a paralytic

While, I may have taught the kids in my Sunday School about this story ages ago, I just recently taught this to my kids.


If you want to go to the download of the story, click on the picture.  You can also go to Bible printables (I am still in process of adding all of mine in there) or to this post where I actually shared most of the Jesus stories.


Okay, but back to this story.  I’ve always thought this story was cool, I mean what a story of friendship to carry your friend across town, and then up to the roof and dig a hole in the roof.


So, I decided to let the kids have a go at carrying their friend.  I thought about letting them carry each other…….  But knew that wouldn’t end well.  Then I thought we could let them carry Mac upstairs.



That’s what Mac thought of that idea.  He jumped out of the blanket quite fast.



Finally, they ended up carrying up their stuffed animals, not as hard, but still a challenge to get 3 kids to walk together.


And, when they got to the top, guess what they wanted to do?



Yep.  So, we tied a rope around the blanket, and the boys carefully took turns lowering their poor injured shark and bear over the edge.  Princess’ dog was very quickly snatched away.



Considering Batman’s method of healing was to hit the “bag” with his wand as hard as he could and yell, “You are HEALED!”  I don’t really blame her.



So, question for ya’ll.  I’m thinking about designing a family Bible study with questions divided out by age categories and some extra fun activities thrown in.  What do ya’ll look for in a Bible study, both for yourself and for your kids?  I’m not trying to design a major inductive study, but something that could be done together.

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