Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: The Write Start

So back a month or so ago I got asked to review this book.  At the time I thought, “Perfect, I’m really wanting to start focusing on writing with the kids.”

I’m happy to say I was right!  I tore through the firs several chapters about writing theory, and the definitions of the different stages of writing.  How to encourage it and then slowed down on the last half of specific suggestions.

Now, down to the nitty gritty of the review, who is this for?  I’d say it’s aimed more towards parents than classroom teachers.  This is for the parent who wants to give their child a little extra help or something else to do.  It really reminded me of a combination of all of my education classes for reading/writing.  It went into a fair amount more detail on writing, but I never took a specifically writing course.

The first half of the book, like I said before is more of a theory and a few ideas of how to inspired your kids.

The second half is where the wonder lies.  It’s 52 different ideas for getting your child writing, and the great part is she gives ideas for each of the different ability levels she describes in her book.  So, if your child is a scribbler, than here’s ideas to help them move along.  If your child is a speller, here’s some ideas to help move them along; so on and so forth.

I’m already thinking how I can incorporate many of these ideas into my homeschooling, and have done a few little things, and am in process of setting up some of the bigger things.

I totally recommend this book if you want to encourage your child’s writing, I’m loving my copy and think I might reread it soon.

I’m going to link this up to Works for Me Wednesday to spread the word of my loving this book.
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