Wednesday, February 8, 2012

American History: Act it out!

We just finished up our unit on Explorers with All American History, and we’re so much happier with this curriculum than the last one.  It’s sticking better and the suggested activities are fitting so much better.  Lesson learned.

I had promised when we were done we would act like explorers and go on an exploration.  I had been putting it off because I had ridiculously over the top plans for how we were going to do it.

It turns out I didn’t really need to plan much.

First we had a lunch similar to what the sailors might have eaten: Crackers (hard tack), cheese (mostly hard cheeses that store well), and sausage (which stores well, beef jerky would have been closer).

They quite happily enjoyed what is actually a common meal at our house.

Here’s where I had grand plans of complicating it and making supplies and packing bags. It turns out all I need was an imagination.


First we headed off to our ship to set sail (also known as our playscape).  We sailed in it for a while until we were shipwrecked and forced to go to the lifeboats.


These are the lifeboats, I was graciously allowed to ride in the back of Superman’s.  These also double as cannons to fight the bad guys.

Oh, and they’re also space ships when you are playing a different game.


Then we hunted for gold and treasures just like the explorers did.

Ours were pre-planted there by the kids, who happily went out and found their boxes full of treasure.

Then we had to fight our way out from the bad guys.  I don’t know who they were, but it was lucky one of the treasures was weapons and armor because otherwise they totally would have defeated us.

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