Saturday, February 4, 2012

50 State Study: Kentucky

Kentucky was a fun state, and I enjoyed getting to watch some of the Kentucky Derby videos while we were studying it.



This is what happens when you let the kids be “responsible” for their stuff.  Two of the items are lost/missing and one is glued in upside down.

Well, from top right going clockwise:

Young Abraham Lincoln- He was born in Kentucky before moving to Illinois, and there’s a great book about friendship and it’s also a great book to compare truth and fiction in a biography.  We wrote what makes a good friend.


Mohammad Ali- I learned so much about him from the books I checked out, and we all wrote catchphrases.  Of course ours weren’t really that catchy……..  More on monologues.


Daniel Boone- We had fun observing pictures of the real Daniel Boone and talking about him and making our own surveying equipment.


Yeah……..  That’s the pages I could find, not found:


Night Boat to Freedom- What color would you wear to freedom, or as all the boys there interpreted it that day: “How to arm a rowboat with nuclear missiles.”


State symbols- I love that they have a state motto: “To the stars through difficulty.”


Not included because they weren’t paper products:


Kentucky Derby hats- because making hats out of paper plates and plastic bowls is always fun.


Happy Birthday to You- Ummmm, we read this book about the authors of that song, but for some reason I can find no information on what we did.  GROWL………………

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