Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First ever Chuck E Cheese party

Our kids went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever for a Valentine's Day party

The key to this game when your kids can't reach the pedals: You stand in front, and you pedal it with your hands. The more you pedal the higher you go, and the longer you stay up. All three of my kids had to try it.
They discovered the wonders of getting lots of tokens and being able to stuff them into slots and play games. I learned never to let a toddler have more than one token at a time. Princess seemed to think the most fun part was stuffing the tokens in, so she kept stuffing them in and then stuffing in more tokens, needless to say, I tried to discourage that..... I was not always successful.

I also learned that sitting next to the stage is a very loud area and will give you a headache, or it will if you are sensitive to noise. The pizza is surprisingly good for the price and the environment.
As always with my kids, things you can ride are very popular, but they've also discovered the joy of skee ball. Which they think is played by lobbing the ball as hard as they can.

Notice Superman in the background all set to lob the ball as hard as he can. Eventually after watching me play a little they figured out how to throw it underhanded.
They had a blast and really enjoyed exchanging Valentine's with their friends. Now, some of their friends may have gotten about 10 copies of the Valentine's they were handing out, but they had so much fun putting it in their friend's bag, and seeing what their friends gave them.

So, all in all I'd say this was a win, and gave us a new place we can go to for special occasions/times we want to get out of the house. That, and I had fun making Princess sit with me for the illustrator booth.
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