Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun parks

I've been working on slowly finding and learning great parks in my area. So, here's the one we went to this week: Katherine Fleischer Park.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera out much, so the only good picture I have is this one:

This is an awesome park, and has several different features. Of course there's the usual playground, but since this is an older playground, it's actually shaded most of the day. A very important feature in Texas. It has a couple of different playscapes to play on. There's also a fun house to play in with a couple of stories and lots of little nooks and corners in it.

I just remembered I have pictures from an earlier trip, so here's what it looks like inside the house, forgive the weird blurriness, all of the pictures in the house look like that.


There's a great set of trails behind it that lead to a frontier village. How do you like the genuine vintage dress on Princess? It's about mumble mumble years old (also known as I wore it when I was a baby).

There's also a frontier village, which sadly you can't go inside the buildings except on special occasions. I understand why they need to do that, but I wish it wasn't neccessary. I found a post elsewhere on the village:

So overall I'd say it's a great park. I only wish it was a little closer to my house and not a 10 minute drive. I treat you to a look at an adventerous squirrel on my stroller. Batman thinks this picture is absolutely hilarious.

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