Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jack and Jill

Today we made our latest foray into the fun of nursery rhymes. I wanted to try something a little different and made another interactive feature.

As always first we glued the rhyme down onto the page. I have no pictures this week because Princess was busy trying to cut her lines into individual letters, and then Superman decided to cut his into separate words. So no pictures of that step.

Next we went through and colored the pictures I'd hastily drawn to illustrate the rhyme.

They were all set to scribble one line and then get right to the glueing, but I reminded them we like lots of color, and they started working harder on the coloring.
Princess was all set to cut everything into little pieces, so I set her to cutting out the hill for Jack and Jill to climb.

Then to provide some background color and also to stiffen up the paper so it will not be destroyed quite so easily the kids cut up blue construction paper and glued it all over to make the sky.

Finally I glued on the last hill, since I had made it a more complicated piece to glue. And here's the completed picture:

Hmmmm…… No completed picture.
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