Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Dallas and such stuff

The beginning of Christmas Day started Christmas Eve with the kids getting Santa his cookies and drinks.  Yes, drink plural.


See, Batman had noticed Santa drinking coke in the commercials and on the coke box.  He was quite insistent we needed to leave Santa a coke too.  We were out of coke, so I tried to suggest Dr. Pepper, which Princess quite happily agreed to, but Superman wanted Sprite as well.  So, Santa had to eat 3 cookies, drink milk, Sprite and Dr Pepper.  He might have sloshed as he left our house.



Santa was quite generous and the kids all were overjoyed at the contents of their stocking and their present from Santa (Dinosaur Train figures).  Santa was quite nice to me and I got several comics and chocolate.  Jeff was amused that Santa left him whiskey flavored coffee.  All I can say is Santa thought that was hilarious.



Nana and Granddad very much enjoyed the books Batman picked out for them for Christmas.  He was quite insistent that Nana likes birds and she NEEDS this bird book.



004 006

Princess thoroughly entertained everyone with her pillow hiding antics, and I had fun trying to get pictures of her flyaway hair as a result of the static electricity.

007 009

She continued to amuse us with her pants as a hat antics.  Really, it’s hard to keep a straight face to her yelling in a deliriously tired voice, “My hat!  My hat!” as it keeps falling off.


All in all this was a fabulous Christmas!  Much less stressful than last year, for more reasons than I can even start to list, and the kids made out like bandits with all family members.


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